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When customers use services available on the Air France website, mobile site, and mobile applications, Air France may collect and process their personal data. Air France and KLM (Amsterdamweg 55, 1182 GPO Amstelveen) are committed to respecting regulations concerning the privacy and data security of their passengers, loyalty program members, prospects and users of their websites, mobile sites and mobile apps. All data collected through the Air France website is processed in accordance with all local legislation and the terms laid out in the revised version of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978. 

To ensure the proper application of these regulations, Air France has appointed a Data Protection Correspondent who serves as the official liaison to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).



Any personal data provided by customers on our website, mobile site and mobile applications, or during any other contact with Air France, is primarily used to book tickets and provide specific services: transportation, promotions, loyalty programs, web updates, marketing information, surveys, contests, new services or products, and statistics. 

Personal data may also be used to provide the various services available on the Air France website, mobile site and mobile applications: user accounts, e-newsletters, managing reservations, assistance and claims, managing loyalty programs, etc. 

Your personal data may also be analyzed to ensure that the information, notifications, promotions, and other services we provide are suited to your interests. 

We may also enrich your personal data by sharing some information with certain business partners to improve our understanding of your interests so that we can deliver personalized offers and other services. 

In addition, your personal data may be used to complete administrative formalities required for immigration and customs, prevent unpaid bills, combat fraud, and ensure flight safety and security. 

In the Air France mobile app, the "Scan passport" feature allows you to enter your required personal information without needing to enter it manually.
This feature is optional. 

In the Air France mobile app, you can access your contacts to fill in the "travel companions" or "Flying Blue enrollment" forms automatically. Your personal information is also filled in automatically. This feature is optional. 

Any incident that occurs during the fulfillment of the transport contract and liable to compromise the safety or security of a flight may be recorded and kept on file, be subject to a filed complaint, and result in a travel ban on flights provided by Air France for a duration of 3 years.



Personal data collected on the Air France website, mobile site and mobile applications may be communicated to authorized Air France personnel, its partners (KLM, SkyTeam, accredited travel agents, airlines, car rental companies, hotels, credit card providers, etc.), or external service providers in order to provide all or part of the services described above.
Air France requires its service providers to implement strict measures to protect your data privacy. 

As outlined by French and international laws and regulations, Air France, as well as any other airline, may be required to communicate personal data to authorized local authorities (customs, immigration, police, etc.) both in France and overseas. For example, this is done to complete required immigration formalities and to prevent and combat terrorism and other serious crimes.

In accordance with Article L 237 -7 of French  Internal Security Code, please be informed that air carriers may transmit reservation, checking and boarding data collected from their passengers (API/PNR) to the French national public services and competent authorities for the purposes and under conditions as defined in the Decret N° 2014-1095 dated 26/09/2014. 

Some of the parties mentioned above may be located outside the European Union and have access to all or some of the personal data collected by Air France (name, passport number, trip details, etc.) in order to fulfill the transport contract or comply with specific legal requirements.

For complete information on the entry requirements for your destination country, please visit the “Regulations” section of our website. For more information on the customs and immigration programs used by the United States authorities, please visit the following websites:

International privacy policy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Secure Flight Program



As outlined by the French “IT security and freedoms” law, customers have the right to view, change, delete, or contest any personal data pertaining to them. Requests to exercise this right must be addressed to: Air France - Correspondant Informatique et Libertés - RE.AJ - 
45, rue de Paris - 95747 Roissy CDG Cedex. 

For some services, these rights may be exercised directly on the website (managing your personal account, reservations, loyalty program, etc.). 

Unless you request otherwise upon or after the collection of personal data, Air France reserves the right to use or communicate your personal data to its partners in order to send personalized sales offers. When required by law, personal data will only be used for online prospection once your express consent has been obtained. At any time, you can request that personal data no longer be used for promotional purposes. 

If you no longer wish to receive the Air France e-newsletter by e-mail, you can use the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each message. 

If you do not wish to receive offers from Flying Blue and our partners, you can update the communication preferences in your profile by logging in to your Flying Blue account. 

The provision of some services is dependent upon the collection of personal data (special meals, medical assistance, etc.). You can, of course, exercise the right to oppose the use of this personal data, but this may lead to your being unable to benefit from these services. 

As stipulated by French and international laws and regulations, failure to provide data or providing incorrect data may lead to you being stopped from boarding or refused entry into a foreign country (upon decision by customs authorities, for example), in which case Air France cannot be held responsible.



Air France seeks to continuously improve its electronic services to facilitate access to its customers, potential customers and visitors. The Air France website (and mobile site) notably provides 24-hour access to online booking and ticketing services, as well as Flying Blue services. You can also obtain information about hotel and rental car options, as well as travel insurance provided by our partners. 

To simplify the process of creating and connecting to your Air France account, you can link your Air France account to most social media sites. By agreeing to share some personal data, listed on the account authorization page for each social media site, you can optimize your experience on the Air France website. If desired, you can unlink your Air France and social media accounts at any time.



Air France is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of the personal data that customers provide. We take every possible precaution available for the personal data provided and the risks associated with their processing in order to protect the security of personal data and, specifically, to prevent their corruption, damage, or use by unauthorized third parties. In this way, your data remains private and secure when customers purchase tickets online. 

We provide a secure online payment system using the latest technologies. 

Air France is committed to combating online identity theft. For this reason, Air France uses a fraud detection system for payments made by credit or debit card. The system is designed to protect customers in case of loss or theft of credit or debit cards. 

Everyone has a part to play in data security and privacy. For this reason, we recommend that customers avoid communicating passwords to others. We also remind them to log out of their Air France and social media accounts (especially if these accounts are linked) and close their browser window when leaving the Air France website, especially when using a public device to access the web. This way, other users will not be able to access your personal data.

We strongly advise against communicating any document issued by Air France that contains your personal details (boarding pass, ticket number, etc.) to third parties or posting such documents on social media. 

To learn about security best practices, please visit the French-language IT security portal. The general conditions for certain services available on the Air France websites, mobile site and mobile applications may contain additional terms relating to the collection and use of personal data.



Several pages on the Air France website contain links to access the websites of other companies. We recommend that you read the data privacy policies of these non-Air France websites, as these terms may vary from those on the Air France website. Air France is not responsible for the use of your personal data on these external websites.



Air France reserves the right to alter its data privacy policy at any time. We recommend that you check the latest version of the policy on a regular basis. 

The current version is dated December 1, 2016.